It’s 2022 alright and I’ve been super busy on the road with Lonestar.  But in the early part of the year I was on a bit of a quest:  I was looking for the quintessential EL84 amp to add to my collection of amps I keep.  I got a Matchless 3015 because at the time I was having trouble finding a reasonable C30.  Luckily I have a good friend named Jimmy Olander (Diamond Rio) who has a couple of C30 amps he let me borrow and I proceeded to make new profiles. 

In the old days of amps I had a large clamshell road case with 4 amp heads in a Bradshaw switcher and my go-to rhythm crunch sound was a C30 with a slight boost and compressor in front.  It’s a sound I sorta “stole” from our producer and all-around badass player Dann Huff.  When we were making our Lonely Grill and I’m Already There cd’s that was one of his go-to tones and I liked it so much and wanted to cover it so I got my own C30 head.  I used it for a long time in the head switching system but as our career morphed into a bus/trailer rig from multiple semi trucks, the big rig had to be replaced by a smaller, more manageable size and eventually the funds were needed elsewhere but I still miss that C30.  

Also this Spring, a 90’s reissue AC30 6/TB showed up for sale locally and I just happened to know who was selling it and who it used to belong to, so I jumped at the chance.  I also used to have a 90’s AC30 back when we were still playing bars before our record deal and even in the early days of touring.  Great tones to be had and I profiled it a bunch too.  It seemed to me that even though I had profiled similar amps in the past, I just felt like these new profiles worked great and thought they would make a nice addition to my profile offerings. 

I hope some of you find these as inspiring to play and useful as I do.  Check out the demo video below and proceed to the product page.

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