I'm Michael Britt and I play guitar for the country group Lonestar.  We’ve been together 23 years and have had 9 #1 songs and sold millions of albums over those years.  I grew up in Fort Worth, TX and started playing guitar in my teens.  I went to college for a while before realizing I'd rather be playing music for a living and got that opportunity in 1990.

After a couple of years and a couple of bands, I moved to Nashville in 1992 and shortly after was called by friend who was starting a band that needed a guitar player.  Right place at the right time.  We formed Texassee in 1993 and played bars all over the country and up into Canada before landing a record deal with BNA Records in 1995.  The rest, as they say, is history.  We've made somewhere in the neighborhood of 15 albums and sold 10 million units and have had 9 #1 Country songs as well as a #1 on the Hot 100 Pop chart with "Amazed" in 2000.

Over the past 22 years, I’ve gotten to work with many of the best musicians, writers, and producers in Nashville and I learned as much as I could.  I was so go green when we first got our deal that I certainly had a lot to learn.  Since then, I’ve spent years chasing tone and have been fortunate enough to have the luxury of being able to try and buy some of the best guitar gear in my quest to sound better.

I've been using the Kemper Profiling Amplifier onstage and in the studio for the past couple of years and have been extremely happy with what I am able to do with the Kemper.  I have profiled my amp collection as well as any other amp I can get my hands on for a couple of hours and have compiled a bunch of my favorite profiles for others to use and make their own.  Profiling amps is more of an art than an exact science and I've been lucky enough to have good buddies and a lot of great amps at my disposal to work with and to profile into the Kemper.  

I'm always trying to work on my playing and learn new things.  This often carries over into other arenas as I am also enjoying building and tweaking pedals as well.  I also do rig consulting and custom profiling depending on my schedule.  For more information, you can contact me at mike@mbrittprofiles.com.  


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