It’s been a while since I released the 2020 pack, and although I put out the Morgan amps and Grammatico packs, this is the follow up to the 2020 pack. To celebrate the year of the ’21’ (and just in the nick of time), I preset to you, the Blackjack Pack. As with most of my multi-amp packs, it basically is a chronicle of the amps that I’ve profiled in the last year or so. Sometimes I find something on my own and sometimes cool amps just find their way to me. I try not to repeat myself, so I’m always just trying to find things I haven’t already profiled but I also want to be conscious of finding sounds that I/we can use.

For this pack, I profiled amps that range from vintage and modern Mars (77 jmp combo, Sur SL68) to more scarce boutique amps (Badbot, Comet, Match phx) to old tried-and-true amps (AC15, 50 Cal, tweed b-man). All in all, there are 150 rigs from 14 different amps. It’s quite a large pack but as with most of my multi-packs, I like having a wide enough variety so that if you only buy this one pack, you can cover most of your needs. If you’re looking for blackface or tweed CA tones, they’re in here with the Swolt, Masa, and Shah amps. If you want gain tones, you have the 77 Mars, SL68, Rokman, and Comet for variety. If you’re looking for more ac-style tones, there is the AC15 and Match PHX. Those are most of the basic “food groups”.

In addition to the 150 rigs, I loaded 7 ready-to-play Performances. Details can be found on the additional information provided on the product page and heard in the video demo. Most of the Performances cover your basic clean to lead tones, from left to right as you go through the slots. A couple of them are just collections of song-specific or random (hopefully) useful tones. Since most of my rigs in the pack are streamlined with few effects programmed, these performances allow me to be a little more creative and liberal in my use of fx. There are some fun sounds to be sure, and you can also save the fx programmed in them to use with some of your other rigs if you like them.

Check out the demo video below and check out the product page for more info. Thanks and Happy Holidays!


  1. To summarize briefly, these profiles are the best. Thank you for these great profiles

  2. Since buying my Kemper, I have been on a quest for the best source of profiles. There is a lot of great stuff out there, but Britts stuff just takes it to the next level. As I have been going through all the profiles I have been getting, I find that I can tell when I land one of his. The mid to high frequencies are just way clearer and “amp in the room” sounding.

    This pack has a lot of great variety. Very good cleans, and some good mid gain stuff. On a side note… I went through all the “Mars” profiles from a ton of different sources and favorited the ones I liked best. After I was done, I realized every single one was done by Michael Britt. So that kind of says it all.

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