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M Britt Profiles – Blackjack Pack

The Blackjack Pack contains 150 Studio Profiles of 14 great amps and 7 Plug’n’Play Performances.

The 2021 Pack is my newest collection of Kemper Amp profiles of 14 cool amps that I’ve gotten to profile this year. These amps are an eclectic collection of vintage, boutique, modern, and rare amps. If you want British tones, you can use profiles of a ’77 Mars JMP combo, Sur LS68, or Voice AC15. For California tones, you have Masa Hartbr8ker, TweedBass 410, Masa 50 cal, or Shah amp profiles. Boutique amps such as the Swolt AF, Comet C30, VTH D50, and Match PHX, along with 80’s rock with Rokman and the rare BadBot. I try to make compilation packs that cover anything you would need so if you only buy this pack, you can cover a huge variety of tones from clean to lead sounds. Here is more info on the included Rigs:

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3 reviews for BLACKJACK PACK

(3 customer reviews )
  1. Rhys

    I play a Gibson Custom 1960 Reissue Les Paul Special and these are the best profiles that I’ve ever played. They pair with the p90’s unbelievably well. Usually profiles are either too bassy or flabby in the low end, to harsh or muffled in the high end, but I don’t think there’s a single bad profile here. I have pretty much all of M Britts multi packs and IMHO this is the best one.

  2. Shawn Putman

    Fantastic!!! Hands down the best profiles on the market!

  3. Galen White

    Moved to a Kemper in early 2021, added the Mbritt 2020 pack and never looked back. Just added the Blackjack pack and already getting some great sounds especially from the Swolt AF 1 rig using my Gibson 50s spec w/P90’s. As with all Mbritt rigs and performances I never have to work hard to get the sound that I’m after. The Rokman perfomances had me looping, jamming and smiling to Boston almost immediately. The only problem I have is how to build more of my performances using these great rigs which I guess is not a bad problem to have 😉

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