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The EL84 Pack is a small collection of what I consider to be some of the most iconic, most-recorded amps that utilize EL84 power tubes.  Known for their smooth and creamy saturation and their musical compression, these amps can be heard all over stages and radios worldwide.  For this pack, I feature a fine specimen of a British made AC30 6/TB as well as a couple of Match(less) amps, the iconic C30 as well as the under-the-radar 3015.  Even after having played and profiled actual vintage 60’s AC30’s, this 6/TB model is still my favorite.  It has rounder bottom than many of the 60’s and it sounds great both with my 3P cab as well as the stock Celestion Blue speakers.  The Match amps take off from the same platform but sound slightly different (refined?) and have their own recognizable tone, complete with rich harmonics, chimey top end, and mix-ready eq.  Even having profiled similar amps, these have quickly become my go-to profiles for the quintessential EL84 amp tones in my Kemper.  Enjoy!

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Match SC30 R 4 – 2022-07-26 14-05-21.krig

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(1 customer review )
  1. Michael Birkholz

    This is my new favorite Pack. Before that one I used a lot of the colonial pack profiles.
    Can’t believe such great profiles and performances.
    That Pack is a “must have”
    Really great work. Thank you Michael

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