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The new Kemper Profiler Player is designed with portability and ease of use as top priorities and makes using Kemper profiles even easier than before.  There are some limitations, such as fewer fx slots and capacity, but the beauty of this little monster is that it fits on a pedalboard. So if you are a player who wants to incorporate Kemper’s amp profiling in conjunction with your existing effects, it works perfect for that.  But, for most guitarists (myself included), it has plenty of available effects to cover most basic tones required for a gig.

The Profiler Player only holds 50 rigs (while the Kemper Stage/Rack/Head hold 1000), so my goal when trying to decide what to load into it was “what do I use in my live show now?”  So that’s where I started.  I use probably 5-10 base rigs, ultimately relying on 3-4 for the majority of the show, with the remainder covering either unique sounds or just options I can access quickly.  After those, I just started picking the rigs I’ve used the most in past shows and the ones I have recorded with over the last few years.  What I ended up with is 5 banks of 5 rigs which essentially is 25 “Greatest Hits” of my favorite amp rigs.  If you’re a longtime Kemper user with many of my packs, then these may be redundant, but are still somewhat unique in that many have been edited by me for optimization for live use.

These rigs are tweaked so that switching between rigs from different amps is fairly seamless and uniform, without drastic eq shifts that can be a bit disconcerting.  One of the reasons for that is that I tend to profile with the same cab most of the time and even swap cabs to one of my favorite cabs to keep that overall tonality present when switching rigs.  I have included a list of my preferred organization via a screenshot from Rig Manager, but feel free to load them in whatever order works best for you (most computers will organize them alphabetically). Details about the pack can be found under the “additional information” tab below.

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3 reviews for Profiler Player Pack 1

(3 customer reviews )
  1. Jan Schultink

    This is a great profile pack. The quality of the profiles is great, but that is actually not the main selling point. The key thing is that all of them are organized in a useable way, going from clean to distorted, and they all fit together when switching between them, and have similar volume levels. This should have been the Kemper factory library. The Kemper Player is a no-nonsense performance oriented device, and this pack fits it perfectly, $20 well spent giving the total investment in your player.


    Best way to get started on Kemper Player!!!
    Mike has done a great job tuning his profiles for the little player and great variety of favorites like the Prince Studio and some pleasant surprises like the Maz 18 and Liquid BF, plus copy and paste effects.
    I have almost all Michael’s Packs for my Head and Stage and no matter what other Amps I try his Cabs are the best.

  3. Jeremiah Ellis

    This pack is amazing, I went through all 25 amp tones last night and found myself favoriting over 75% of them for later use. There are NO bad tones in this pack. Well worth the $19.99 spent. I am big on clarity and the right type of brightness in my amp tones and I feel M. Britt knows how to get there with his packs. Gig ready tones straight out of the gate. Big fan, Cheers!

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