2020 PACK
2020 PACK
It has taken me a while to put out a new pack, partially because of all of the profiles I already had.  I wanted to make sure if I put out more that they'd be something special.  I think this pack is pretty darn special.  The 2020 Pack contains some of my all time favorite amps that cover all the "food groups".  From the best vintage Plexi I've ever heard to a couple of my favorite AC type circuits to some classic CA tweed, blackface, and brownface tones to unique amps that fall somewhere in between.    As I tried to keep my personal amp collection to a minimum (only so much room in the house), I tried to find what I thought were the best of each food group and hang on to it.  Along the way, there were a few other gems that I was lucky enough to get my hands on along the way too.  The end result is a pack that might be my best one yet. And with the new 7.x firmware revisions, it's easier than ever to import fx Presets and Performances, so I'm included some of those as well.  Some are basic Performance banks for easy plug-n-play use and others are song-inspired tones and others are just fun tones for inspiration.  Check out the demo vids and information document as well.  Thanks for checking it out! *These rigs and presets were created in firmware 7.x and contain the filetype .krig, so users will need 7.x firmware and the latest version of Rig Manager to import these files.  Updates for Rig Manager and Kemper are available for download at the official Kemper website.  
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3rd Power CSR
3rd Power CSR PACK – 60 Profiles
The New M Britt 3rd Power CSR Pack is a collection of 60 studio profiles (amp & cab profiled together) of the 3rd Power Citizen Gain Reverb 40 Prototype amp.  The CSR is a 2-channel amp with a blackface style clean channel and a british-voiced gain channel with multiple tone stacks for different flavors of gain.  All in all, this amp is meant to go from clean to scream but retain a toneful flavor throughout.  The actual amp features seamless channel switching, a tube powered reverb with independent levels for each channel and an fx loop.   There are profiles of the clean channel through 3 separate speaker cabinets for everything from an AlNiCo speaker for a more Vox-y flavor to a crisp Vintage 30 to my usual Classic Lead 80 for a warmer tone.  The gain profiles were done at various tone stack positions and at different voltage levels (from brown to supercharged) and there are blended cab varieties for even more options.  The gain profiles are thick with lots of harmonics and large frequency response, very full in all frequencies.  There are some with a more cutting top end and others that are voiced slightly warmer so as not to get shrill at full stage volume.   The sample clips below were recorded directly into ProTools 10 via a Propellerhead Balance interface with no added compression, eq, or processing of any sort.  Clean channel samples were done using my Tom Anderson Cobra w/ 3 Antiquity P90’s and the Gain channel samples were played on my Duesenberg Starplayer with Grand Vintage bridge humbucker.  Hopefully you will hear something you like (but it likely won’t be my sloppy playing).  
69 Marsh
’69 MARSH PACK – 36 Profiles

When I think of my favorite overdrive tones, I always go to early 4-input Marshalls.  They can sound smooth or angry depending on how you play them.  I've gotten to play a couple of great old Plexis over the years and I own a '72 that I've profiled frequently.  I got the opportunity thanks to good friends to profile this '69 beauty.  It has been passed between friends from Nashville to L.A. and back.  It has that crispy top end that I hear on early Van Halen records.

I wanted to capture some variety, and even though I usually use my fave 3P 212 cab, I profiled this with 4 different cabs:  3P 212 CL80, Marshall 412 w/25w Greenbacks, Marshall 412 w/30w Celestions, and my Guytron closed back 212 w/Vintage 30.  I even got a few good clean sounds on top of the great overdrive tones.  There are even a couple where I just rolled the knobs up and dialed the Variac down to brown it out a little.  Hope you like 'em.