One of the things I love about the Kemper is the way it grows with me. I’ll think of something I want to do with it and there’s usually a way to achieve it. On some stages my pedalboard is 15-25 feet away from the rack where my Kemper lives and if there’s time between songs I may think of something I want to tweak. Sometimes it’s a setting on a rig that uses the morph and luckily there’s an easy shortcut to activate the Morph feature without having to run back and forth to the pedalboard:

On page 3 of the System parameter pages, you can assign what you want the Quick button to do. Just turn the dial to Morph and you can bounce back and forth between the unmorphed and morph settings of a rig by hitting the Quick button. On the screen you can even see the lcd line moving just above the rig name. There are many other things the Quick button can be assigned to control but this one is where I keep it because I do much of my show programming at home and I don’t always have a Remote pedal at home with me as it’s packed in our trailer.

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