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M Britt Profiles – SMOOTH PACK

The Smooth Pack for Kemper contains 89 Studio Profiles of 6 amps and 4 Plug’n’Play Performances.

The Smooth Pack is the first in my “6 Pack Series” of profile packs for the Kemper Profiling Amplifier.  It contains 89 “Studio” performances of 6 different amps that cover a range of tones reminiscent of Southern CA amps from the 60’s-90’s.  Highlighted here are a couple of blackface amps from the 60’s, a silverface twin from the 70’s, a 90’s-era MeBo amp, and a boutique amp that oozes tweedy goodness.

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2 reviews for SMOOTH PACK

(2 customer reviews )
  1. Rob

    This is a really exceptional pack. As you can hear in his demo the sound of the guitar really shines through. I have a strat with lace pick ups & I have a les paul r8 both guitars sound great & really have not had to make any adjustment on the distortion sense from strat to les paul. I was intrested in this pack as I hoped my les paul would get that bit of honk & excenuate the 50s vintage sound that i got the guitar for in the 2rst place. I have far to many profiles & I’ve made purchases in the past from various other profilers that afterwards I was just not very impressed with. Instantly after downloading this pack I was really pleased. This is the best pack I’ve ever downloaded. What I heard in his demo is exactly what I got. 5 star all the way very responsive to dynamics. The most balanced pack I’ve purchased yet. I think it’s safe to say you won’t have any regrets with this pack

  2. Jarek Maly

    Really great work. Excellent dynamics. As always. Many thanks. I’m not a fan of MeBo, but this MKIII plays really amazing. Now I understand why it is Mr. Britt “One of my favorite amps”

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