5150 Pack – 36 Studio/35 Merged Profiles

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The 5150 came out in 1992 and it marked a departure for Eddie from the Marshalls he had used for years.  It was unlike any amp Peavey had made and had cascading gain stages that gave it more gain than any other amp on the market at the time.  Its cold biasing kept it from blowing itself up from all the power and saturation on tap.  Other high gain amps have come and gone over the years but there’s still something really cool about these original models.

This particular specimen has seen a lot of work and probably melted a few faces in its lifetime.  It just goes to show how bulletproof this little beasts can be.  I profiled it my usual 3rd Power 212 cab as well as a matching, old 5150 412 with its original Sheffield speakers.  The two cabs give a nice bit of variety.  Not known for their clean tones, the 5150 is predominantly a rock beast.  The Crunch channel has more than enough gain for rock rhythms while the Lead channel goes more into the super-saturated metal world.  Even country(ish) guys like me can find some workable tones in it and it has a nice clarity that I’ve even used on some recordings already.

The 5150 Pack was creating using the latest 5.x firmware.  Please forgive the playing in the audio samples as many of these weren’t exactly in my wheelhouse.  Thanks!


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2 reviews for 5150 Pack – 36 Studio/35 Merged Profiles

(2 customer reviews )

    Absolutely slays. I wasn’t 100% sold on my kemper until I download the mbritt profiles. Now I am happy. Sounds amazing. Not just the 5150s but most everything I’ve tried from mbritt. Awesome!


    Stunning replication of the 5150 wow! Lloyd Sarno . Medina Twp.,Ohio

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