M Britt Helix Preset Pack 1

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The NEW M Britt Helix Preset Pack is a collection of 32 Presets for the Line 6 Helix.  These presets represent most of the basic tones that I would need to get through a gig, with a few options for each one, as well as a few wacky, fun presets with lots of fx.  Most of the favorite food groups are covered, including: blackface cleans, Vox/Matchless cleans and slight breakup, plexi type rhythm and solo tones, and overly processed tones for solos and textural parts. *These presets are for the Helix Floor and LT, not the HX Stomp as yet.


These presets incorporate 14 different IRs from the M Britt Custom IR Pack 1.  In fact, I’m including all 30 of the Custom IR Pack IRs with these presets if you want to do further experimentation.  Taste is subjective, but the goal is to have basic, usable sounds as a base so you can create your own gig-worthy song presets.  I tried not to use any EQ blocks in any of these presets, opting to just use the amp model EQ and give you enough room as possible for future tweaking, simply trying to tailor the cab IR to the amp model for the best possible match.  Of course, you’ll notice that a couple of the cab IRs seem to be my favorites, especially on the Marshall and Vox type presets.


You will need the Line 6 Helix Editor software to import these presets individually into your Helix.  And since the Helix platform doesn’t save the IR with the preset, it will be a multi-step process to match the preset to the corresponding IR that I created it with.  Further instructions can be found in the information sheet .pdf.  The sound samples below were recorded direct into ProTools 10 via an Apogee Ensemble interface with no compression, EQ, or processing added.  The Helix XLR main outputs were run straight into the Apogee.  All clips were recorded with my Tom Anderson Cobra with 3 P90 Antiquity pickups, except for a few strat type tones which were recorded using an Xotic XSC strat.  Please excuse the sloppy playing.

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29 reviews for M Britt Helix Preset Pack 1

(29 customer reviews )
  1. lee whitaker

    Finally, some presets that make me want to play my Helix! Was not too happy with how hard it is to get Helix to sound great for what I want to hear. MB you have hit it out of the park with these!!! Thanks.

  2. Adriano “Martino” Pratesi

    Presets are fantastic, but what make a huge difference for live use of Helix are the included IRs collection.
    Thank you Mike!

  3. John Maklary

    All I can say is WOW!! The secret sauce is the bundled IR’s. I have spent some $$$ on other presets and frankly most aren’t that great. But what Mike Britt has put together is nothing short of amazing. It’s the best $30 I’ve spent in a long time. If you keep making them, I’ll keep buying them. Thanks Mike

  4. Stefano Pavone

    Great presets!!!

  5. Martin Karlsson

    These patches and the included IR’s are fantastic! I can highly recommend them!

  6. Stevie Knighten

    These presets and IRs are incredible!!! Best money I’ve ever spent!!! Highly recommended!!!

  7. Andrew Reynolds

    This is a great set of presets. They all sound great on my Helix floor through a Yamaha DXR10 speaker. You could probably cover all kinds of music other than metal using these. Great if you mainly play covers like me.

  8. Nicolson Hyppolite

    Best investment i ever made for my Helix. This guy know how to dial a tone on anything. Beautiful clean tones and smooth leads. Cant wait for the next batch.

  9. Daniel Stenning

    As above- really good presets.

    I’d love to see a new or updated set which focuses on the models adding in HELIX since 2.3 came out.

    ( clearly the LoneStar model has to be on the list ! )

  10. george lanum

    I got these for the IRs (Cabinet blends were exactly what I was looking for!) The presets are killer too. I use a variax as my main guitar and needed the presets to do a lot more but I used some of the plexi settings to make a killer gain patch.

  11. Mike Mullen

    These presets are really outstanding. I use them to play live and they were absolutely good to go with zero tweaking. Am pretty certain I never could have gotten these tones on my own. Ever. Thank you!

  12. John

    Fantastic presets!

    Eagerly awaiting the second pack… hint hint 😉

  13. Mike

    Agreed, outstanding presets. And I too am eagerly awaiting more!

  14. Darren

    10/10 they sound great “highly recommended”

  15. Michael Beattie

    I’ve never sounded better.! As close to a real amp as I have ever heard out of the helix. Outstanding.

  16. John

    Just wow!
    I use these presets with line6 native plugin
    and sounds killer!
    Thanks for your hard works making these presets!

  17. John

    I’ve owned the helix for 3three years! I’ve made some decent tones! These are sooo articulate! Note separation is fantastic! Its what separates the crap I’ve made to these. You could tell a pro made em. Ive learned some things that Ill be able to use on some of my own presets. But if you make another pack ill be sure to purchase them.

    Thank you for sharing your knowledge

  18. Maurice

    I had a Kemper and gad to sell it. I used Michael’s profiles. Had the Helix for 2 days, just downloaded the Helix pack and am blown away just as I was with the Kemper profiles. I do not have to waste any time now fiddling with patches, just get down and play as these patches match my style of playing and dont need any tweaking. Thanks for a great product well worth the bucks..

  19. Gregory Simo

    As soon as I loaded up the patches, I played and heard the “heavenly choir” in my head. These are great sounding
    patches and pretty much gig ready. I like that they have not been overly doctored up, since I believe the amp/speaker should
    deliver the goods. I patiently await the next release. I’m definitely SOLD on this collection. …Oh yeah….I have a Kemper too….hubba hubba…

  20. troy knox

    I don’t really love the process of tweaking… once I get a sound that works, I kind of set it and forget it… to create a new folder with all the Britt presets and them tweak them based on the guitar I’m using has been hours of fun. I really just make small changes when using MB’s presets. His Kemper profiles were equally awesome when I had a Kemper.

    Thanks Michael! I love that you’ve done a lot of the heavy lifting for me, I cannot recommend this preset pack enough. It really cuts down the tweaking time for me which I greatly appreciate!!

  21. Michael

    Thank goodness for the IRs that came with this — the presets are great, too. They are the basic building blocks I needed to really enjoy the Helix. I have used a 3rd Power Dream Weaver as my main amp since it came out 5 years or so ago…. these sound pretty much the same.
    Thanks Michael — these are the best IRs I have imported into the Helix. I am using them through a Red Sound Neo and I don’t miss my DW at all now.

  22. twangboy

    Michael…THANK YOU! What a great resource. Even as a long time L6 user, the Helix LT was a bit daunting at first glance. Not only do the presets sound great, they are a great teaching tool to learn the interface. THE best sounding Vox and clean presets I’ve heard on any platform. This is also my first time with IRs. What a huge difference. As soon as there’s anther set available, i’ll be camped out to buy. You cannot go wrong with these for twice the price!

  23. Gipi

    Best sounding presets for Helix by far. I‘ll buy Pack 2 as soon as it will be released.
    Thank you Michael!

  24. Jean-Paul

    Thank you Michael for the work you put into these. This set is really my goto set for playing in my cover band. Almost no tweaking needed in my case. Just some small adaptions according to the type of guitar used. Very interested in seeing a helix version of your stomp pack. Keep up the good work!

  25. jimpmaxwell

    The first time I really LOVED my Helix! Thank You!

  26. Guitargaz

    I think usable and trustworthy are 2 words that spring to mind when reviewing these presets with added IR’s. The Factory presets are hard to get a decent sound from, and some from the Line 6 community have been okay. But these are very much a great starting point but also and end point – I don’t always want to fiddle with sound, I want a usable tone I can trust. And I was never sure about my own customised tones. So these presets are very useful – thanks.

  27. Lone_Poor_Boy

    I have a Helix on the way, and started to really dig into info and sound files and was extremely depressed with how it all sounded. Generic distortion; very solid-state like. I’m a tube amp guy, playing a Boogie and Strat for years, doing mostly breakup to heavy blues and rock. Your samples have given me hope! I will definitely be purchasing them.

    I just hope they are 100% Helix, and don’t have other tweaks and tricks laid on them.

  28. Lone_Poor_Boy

    So you obviously put a lot of time into these Helix presets, but are now 100% Kemper. What happened/why, if you care to share what you discovered.

  29. Cameron Dunsmore

    These are very good sounding presets. You can use them as is, but I really ordered them to analyse and understand the way things are set up as far as routing, signal chain, what amps can get a sound I like without spending months deciding how many Db to cut here or there, etc. When I was working on my own presets I was getting ear fatigue, and nothing would sound good. These presets are great sounding, so, I when I get a little tired of screwing around with my own, I go back to these as a reference. If they sound wrong, time to take a break. Ir’s do the trick also. Very happy with this purchase.

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