The Grab n Go Pack contains 92 studio profiles of 13 different amps, mostly small combos, but also a couple of small heads and even one slightly larger combo.  I profiled these amps to cover most types of gigs, ranging from country to jazz to classic rock.  There are lots of nice clean sounds if you want to use your Kemper as a pedal platform and there are some great lead tones in it as well. And for the first time this pack also includes some full performances as well.  If you’re not the kind of guy that likes to program and tweak, I am including 3 performances with fx already assigned that cover cleans to mid gain overdrives to lead tones.  Also, there are 3 "Broadway" performances with some common Nashville cover song preset rigs for inspiration or use them right out of the box. You can also read the background of the Grab n Go Pack HERE. There are some really great rigs in this pack. Check out the demo video to hear them below.
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TWEEDY PACK – 31 Profiles
You just can't beat old Fenders for some things.  The midrange growl and squishy overdrive can be heard on so many albums that it just sounds like "home sometimes.  Tweedy pack contains profiles from a '56 Pro, '56 Twin (serial #0019), and one of the early USA made Pro Jr. amps.  The simple circuits allow for fat, full tones without a lot of weird eq dips or tone loss from modern "features".  I tried to capture some cleans as well as some classic tweed overdrive profiles.  I've already incorporated a few of these into my live show and they sound great for recording too.