VINTAGE PACK – 73 Profiles

M Britt Vintage Pack is a unique collection of Vintage amp profiles including a British 50w AC, a few blackface, silverface, and brownface beauties, Page and Peter Green's hidden gem, a Sears Twin Twelve, the 70's Clapton clean, Benson's jazz combo, a Jazzy 50-watter, B.B. King's and Ty Tabor's favorite L5, and a sweet '84 JK FACS.  There plenty of American clean and crunch tones as well as a few cool throwback British sounds.  The JC50 can cover about half of every 80's rhythm guitar sound and the PTone and Lab Series can get surprisingly warm sounds from a solid state package.  Hopefully, there's something for everyone (minus real high gain metal stuff, of course).

Vintage Pack requires 3.0 firmware or higher and while most amps were profiled using my trusty 3rd Power cabinet, the new separation algorithms make it easier to get more great sounds by switching to your favorite cabs as well.

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J KELLEY PACK – 39 Profiles
J KELLEY PACK – 39 Profiles

One of the early boutique amp builders, Jim Kelley created some amazing amps used by Vince Gill, Bonnie Raitt, Lee Ritenour, and others.  There were only about 600 made so they're still pretty rare and though they don't fetch Dumble prices yet, they are amazing amps and built to last forever.  I profiled this tan 210 combo.

With all the pull knobs and two channels and proprietary power attenuator, there are a lot of possible settings and I couldn't possibly get to them all, but I tried to get some great usable tones from clean to crunch to saturated solo sounds.