The Crank n Go Pack contains 63 Studio Profiles as well as 59 of their Merged counterparts (Sometimes the merged profiles just don’t measure up or come out right). This pack is primarily for cranking up and rockin’. My main focus was getting good, thick rock tones that still retained the clarity and bite that cover everything from 70’s to 90’s rock, everything from bell bottoms to hair bands. This pack also includes 3 Performances as well for those wanting a quick plug’n’play experience. Two of the performances feature specific amps and the third is just a hodgepodge of cool rock tones, everything from clean to melt-your-face.
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Sweet 16
SWEET 16 PACK – 88 Studio Profiles
I'm pretty excited to put out another "greatest hits" pack of profiles.  The Sweet 16 Pack includes 88 studio profiles of 16 great-sounding amps that cover everything from vintage British overdrive to grunge (Mars 72 SL, 900, 2K) to country cleans (65 Luxe Verb, 62 Prince, 62 Bandmate) to boutique classics (Buddha SD, Bog Sheba, Match Chief) to harder to find gems (Egniter Semi, Wild Kitty, Magnet Twilight, 3M Howl) to modern club staple amps (BBreaker, A30CC, Black* 60). Having a Kemper already full of profiles, it's hard to find new ones that will take the place of my longtime favorites, but there are rigs in here that are already finding a home in our live show, esp. the Luxe Verb, Mars 900, and Sheba rigs.  Indeed, there are too many good options sometimes. check out the sound samples below to see if they might be what you're looking for.   As usual, please forgive the playing.  I pretty much run out of ideas after the first 4 clips so I just try to cover everything from bridge/neck pickups, single notes, picked chords, open chords and chunky fifths. The Sweet 16 Pack was creating using the latest 5.x firmware.  Thanks!