Amplifire Preset Pack – 60 Presets for the Atomic Amplifire

I got an Atomic Amplifire pedal to try and thought it had good sounds and a lot of potential.  Our keyboard player started playing a little electric guitar on stage a couple years ago so I helped build a rig for him and when I got the AmpliFIRE, it quickly replaced the HD500 he was using.  With a bit more experimenting and making my own IR's for it, I got sounds that were pretty close to what I would get profiling my own amps, so I made a little video demo showing what it was capable of.

The response was pretty positive for the most part and lots of folks started asking if I was going to release my presets.  When I shot the video, I used the same IR I made of my 3rd Power 112 cab for all of the presets and just eq'd them to mimic my favorite Kemper profiles.  Once I got it in my head that maybe I'd release some, I decided to spend a bit more time and try a few other IR's that I had made and even tweaked a few to work with some of the different amp models built into the AF.

This is the result of that work and I hope you can find some sounds that work for you.  Since I began this process just trying to recreate sounds that I would use onstage, that's what most of these are striving to achieve.  I tried to copy my favorite clean and edge-of-breakup tones along with my go-to rhythm overdrives and lead tones.  Most are pretty dry, with only a little compression and reverb, but you can easily add your own effects to taste.  I did include a couple with some fx but most are a basic starting point as that's what some people prefer. The amp names in the preset titles are just for reference for what I was A/B'ing with on my Kemper. Hope these work for you...