It’s Just Bass – Steve Cook
It’s Just Bass – Steve Cook
Steve Cook is the bassist/vocalist for Phil Vassar and I’ve been lucky enough to share the stage with him the past two years as part of our Christmas Tours. We both gravitate toward all aspects of music, including gear and had talked about bass and how the Kemper can be utilized for such low purposes. We kicked it around and back and forth and finally found time to go through the process of profiling all of Steve’s great bass preamp collection and even did road testing this past tour as Steve used his profiles on the Kemper the whole Christmas tour. It was a resounding success at foh and in the studio, so we’re happy to share them with you now. And for those karmically inclined, there’s also the added benefit of doing good. Steve’s son Miles was born with severe hearing loss and attends the Mama Lere Hearing School at Vanderbilt Hospital in Nashville. ALL of the proceeds from this pack will go to Steve & Mama Lere Hearing School to help pay for the therapy his son and others so sorely need. READ HIS STORY HERE So… what’s in the pack? There are 51 unique profiles from 11 different bass preamps as well as 4 song-specific rigs Steve came up with from customer requests. I’m also including 20 bass profiles pulled from my BoC Pack so that bass players can get all of the bass profiles I have to offer in one place. Check out the sound samples from Steve’s video below and enjoy!
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BoC Pack “Box of Chocolates” – 134 Profiles

"Mama always said life is like a box of chocolates" (Forrest Gump).  Well, in this case, mama might be referring to the BoC Pack (box of chocolates pack).  This pack contains 134 Profiles (112 studio profiles and 12 DI profiles for bass and acoustic).

After all of the other profile packs I've done, I tend to spend time looking to "fill holes" or find an amp that I've always wanted to profile.  What ended up happening was that I found myself with a lot of profiles that were kind of hard to put into a category.  They cover everything from boutique EL84 amps to funky little tweeds to acoustic preamps to a few higher gain beasts to bass amps.  Included in the BoC Pack are some samples of the amps in the Heavy Pack for those who don't want a full pack dedicated to high gain, but might have a use for a few.  It's a big pack, but I didn't feel comfortable charging any more than my usual.  

Check out the information sheet for details.

The BoC Pack contains profiles made with the 3.0 firmware and must be used with firmware 3.0 or higher.  The clips below were recorded into ProTools 10 using a Propellerhead Balance interface and a Tom Anderson Cobra with 3 P90 pickups, Ibanez Bass, and Tom Anderson Crowdster acoustic.

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