Profile Pack 1
PROFILE PACK 1 – 60 Profiles

Profile Pack 1 (60 profiles) seeks to recreate* a collection of boutique and vintage amps from my personal collection as well as contributions from my friends (thanks guys!).  They cover a variety of styles, from clean sounds that stay warm and full (also great for pedalboard-based set ups) to mid-gain and lead gain British sounds.  Some of these profiles have been the basis for my live presets for the past couple of years and sound great in the studio as my session buddies can attest as well.

Below are sound samples from 40 out of the 60 profiles included in the Kemper Profile Pack.  I will also include a few other variations of some of the amps, but these should give a good idea of the profile sounds. All of the snippets below were played on my red Anderson Cobra with 3 P90's.  All of the clips below were recorded directly into ProTools 10 thru a Propellerhead Balance interface.  There is no eq, compression, or plug-in on these tracks.  Please excuse the sloppiness and tuning.

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HEAVY PACK – 50 Profiles

M Britt Heavy Pack is all about gain.  From a Duo Recto to Eddie's 100w 3-channel to Merlin to Victor, these profiles try to cover your high gain needs, from hard rock to metal to chugga chugga goodness.  These 36 studio profiles and 14 d.i. profiles were mostly voiced with humbuckers and should be tweakable enough to get where you need to go tonally.  Some with done with my trusty 3P cab and some were done with traditional 412 cabs.  I enlisted some professional help dialing tones on some of these since it's not my usual style of music, but who knows?  The more I play them the more I feel empowered! Ha.

Heavy Pack requires 3.0 firmware or newer and while most amps were profiled using my trusty 3rd Power cabinet, the new separation algorithms make it easier to get more great sounds by switching to your favorite cabs as well.

These clips were recorded into ProTools 10 using a Propellerhead Balance interface and a Tom Anderson Cobra with a Duncan JB bridge pickup and 59 neck pickup.