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D WOOD PACK – 39 Profiles


As most of you know I play in a country band, and although I can muddle my way through a couple of different styles, playing metal is not something I'm intimately familiar with.  That's why I did a little consulting/custom profiling with my buddy Paul.  He sent me this beautiful oversized-lunchbox beast and I have to admit I had never heard of this amp.  He sent me some suggested settings and beta-tested my results and I profiled some more.

I profiled with a couple of different speakers and tried different mics and combinations.  I dialed in and refined the profiles using a Les Paul and a Knaggs Kenai.  The profiles  have a lot more gain and more edge than I'm used to and they aren't something I can use on my gig, but they are kinda addicting to play.  Also included are 5 DI profiles.  Check them out.

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