I strive to capture and create great tones so that anyone can get those same sounds onstage and in the studio.  I’m a gearhead tweaker and I love great tube amps.  I also like trying gear and looking for ways to make my playing experience more fun and more consistent.  

Technology in the last few years has finally gotten to a place where I feel like I can have a digital guitar rig without feeling like something huge is missing or feel like I’m sacrificing tone.  I began working with the Kemper Profiling Amplifier a few years ago because the ability to get MY actual amps tones in a portable package seemed too good to be true.  

It worked like a charm and so I began adding to my arsenal of available amps until pretty soon I was sharing my tones with my buddies as they got Kempers.  I thought I’d throw my hat in the commercial ring and see if any other players might find them useful and here we are…

At the links above and to the left you can find all of my Kemper packs as well as new preset packs for other units here as well.  As I work with more gear, I will try to add to the site and give players more options in the never-ending quest for the best tone possible.  Thanks for stopping by!


-Michael Britt